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What is the "Bitch of the Day"?

Every day, millions of people have something that they want to bitch (slang for "COMPLAIN") about. At, we feel that 15 minutes of fame aren't enough, so we're giving everyone a chance to feel special and important by listing their -- "Bitch of the Day".

Here's a bitch from the past...


(Dan Dan from I work in Boston.)
F the weather... It seems as though the friken hell that is New England just won't get any better. WHEN WILL SPRING COME? I mean W-T-F. Here I am trying my best to get to work... 6 days a week and the least that the clouds could do would be to shade the warm and sunny parts BUT NO! IT JUST RAINS AND SNOWS AND IS FRIKEN 40 DEGREES OUTSIDE! IT's APRIL 22nd AND IT's 40 DEGREES OUTSIDE!

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