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What is the "Bitch of the Day"?

Every day, millions of people have something that they want to bitch (slang for "COMPLAIN") about. At, we feel that 15 minutes of fame aren't enough, so we're giving everyone a chance to feel special and important by listing their -- "Bitch of the Day".

Here's a bitch from the past...


(Joe from some shit hole)
as bad as the day can get you always remember that it never gets any better until you beat someone senseless with a sack of doorknobs... once the sack is filled, there's no one around and you're left all alone holding you sack of doorknobs.... irritable, pissed off and there's no one to beat ... no co-workers, no annoying neighbors and worst of all Michael Jackson is moving to another country where people will just think he's weird and not know that he should be beaten on sight... with a sack of doorknobs. All joking aside, when you work with total morons this is how you think everyday, everyday the hate grows and matures. until you know the truth about life... all the assholes know to run and hide from you when you're holding a sack of doorknobs. if only everyone you met throughout the day wasn't such a fucking moron everything would be different, but people are assholes and they're not getting any better...I'm done ranting.. for now... until of course my neighbor lets her dog shit on my lawn once more....

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