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What is the "Bitch of the Day"?

Every day, millions of people have something that they want to bitch (slang for "COMPLAIN") about. At, we feel that 15 minutes of fame aren't enough, so we're giving everyone a chance to feel special and important by listing their -- "Bitch of the Day".

Here's a bitch from the past...


(Phage from Half way between here and there.)
I am so SICK of cleaning up dog shit and piss!!! This fucking dog (Great Dane) is 6, going on 7 and has been housetrained for years!! And yet, because she's temporarily staying with us (belongs to wife's parents) she finds it NECESSARY to not notify us when she must defecate in the middle of he night as she does when she's at home. BLARGH!!! I like dogs, but all the dogs I've ever owned are fucking housetrained and know to let me know when they need to "go"!!!

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